Case Study Whole Foods

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Hello, Whole Foods Started in Austin Texas in 1978 by John Mackey and his girlfriend Rene Lawson. John was only 25 years old. They borrowed money in order to open their first small market store front that would offer fresh vegetables, fruit and organic foods. Whole foods was originally called Saferway. Two years after their opening we see the merge of with Clarksville Natural Grocery hence the birth of Whole Foods Market. This grand opening was September 1980. The first Whole Food was 10,500 square feet and staffed a total of nineteen associates. As the years passed and Whole Foods continue to become successful they contained growing and expanding growth to open new store fronts. Their primary strategy included only opening up storefronts close to Universities, and in upper middle class areas. This labled them to be more on the Liberal side. The firm 's basic strategy for success and Key factors that have contributed to attaining its competitive position. Whole Foods basic strategy included the following core competence. They wanted to only give their customers the highest quality products. They open up locations in profitable areas. They had a strong supply chain. They insured to have the best workforce and…show more content…
However, I do participate in healthy eating. My recommendations to Wholes Foods would be to try and incomprarte low-cost pricing. Here in Chicago we have so many different choices to do our grocery shopping. I do believe if they tailor to their neighborhood like most groceries stores did they could win local business. I also would recommend that they that they consider the aspect of global warming. This might hinder their future business. I would recommend that they get involved and market more toward a green environment. This can be done by funding local organizations and movements. I do believe as our climate continue changing this has and will continue to affect local
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