Case Study: Why Poverty Should Be Stopped

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Why Poverty Should Be Stopped
Vidya Sujaya
Pak J
English 8A
August 28th 2014

Why Poverty Should Be Stopped
The world today is occupied with problems. It is demanding work for people all over the world to solve these concerns. Why? Because each of these problems are related to one another. One of the problems playing a great role in this confusing web is povery. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of poverty is “the state of being extremely poor”. Now people might think, “So what? Why should I care?”. Well one thing is for sure; every person should care. Everything going on in the world has cause and effects. Not only to a couple of individuals or community, but to everyone. And looking at poverty, it should
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Earning less than one or two dollars every day, people living in poverty cannot afford a decent health. In the book “Journey to Jo’burg” by Beverly Naidoo, a poor African family lived in a rural area of Africa during the colonization era. A little girl in the family named Dineo is desperately ill. But, they were not able to get medication due to the high costs of doctors and medication. This book is based on the situation in Africa during the past. It shows one of the effects of poverty. To start with, poverty causes diseases and sickness. Unhygienic food and environment that is the condition people in poverty has to put up with triggers diseases like Malaria, HIV, Tuberculosis, Diarrhea, and more. Then, poverty kills. For example, according to UNICEF, 19000 children under five years old die every day. The cause of this is similar to causes of sickness in the book. Mostly, it is caused by the need of better nutrition, which is held by because of poverty. Furthermore, poverty causes problems to people psychologically. The obvious side of poverty and health is of course, that poverty doesn’t allow an individual to be healthy physically. But there is more to this; it also changes the way a person think. A person living under depression and stress could, eventually, do thoughtless actions like killing him or…show more content…
For now, it doesn’t seem to bother people. If it doesn’t affect them, why even try to stop it? Well poverty is related to every other problem in the world. It is both a cause and an effect. At the end, ending poverty is helping the world. People can all start by doing simple actions like giving donations. These donations can be in various forms; not only in material form, but also knowledge for those people to free themselves from the poverty cycle could use it. Other than that, the government and big companies could open job openings. Instead of simply opening jobs, people could inspire or guide the people trapped in poverty to open their own businesses by teaching them skills like writing, cooking, drawing and so on. With these actions, the world could slowly decrease numbers of poverty; giving all of us, and the generations to come a healthy society, better health, and a future every person could look forward
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