Case9 Jossey Menswear: The Supply Chain Project

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Case Study
Case9 Jossey Menswear -The Supply Chain Project
Name: Hung Yan, Kishi
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Word Count: Introduction
Jossey company sells reasonably stylish both women and menswear in the mid-range sector. It owns more than 200 shops.
Q1. Why was the QR approach significant in improving the company’s supply chain performance?
Quick response (QR) refers to a manufacturing style in daily necessities industry such as fashion retail and efficient consumer response (ECR) industry which the production is mainly based on demand information. Under QR, the company can be more responsive and flexible to produce the appropriate product in appropriate time on the basis of real-time demand (Lowson, King, & Hunter, 1999). Jossey applied QR ten years ago which greatly improved their supply chain performance and helps it achieve greater net margin.
Firstly, Jossey produces the right product at the right time (Slack, 2003). Unlike the traditional apparel industry which designs clothing items 18 months ago, Jossey tends to use a more effective designing strategy. It only design its product few months ago before goes to the market. It designs different trading patterns for different shops based on the geographic region to meet the location trend. It also choose the right cloth to match the each style by checking out the different clothes frequently, these allows Jossey to follow the actual fashion trends in order to meet different customer’s real needs. In

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