Casey Anthony Case

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Notoriety a Modern Myth High profile court cases have been getting increasingly popular as time goes on. Court cases like the Casey Anthony and Scott Peterson trials are media dynamite. Although the media is legally allowed to be a part of these court proceedings, they still cause drama and stipulations that many feel would not be a factor if their presence were withdrawn. Notoriety, or being famous for bad deeds, is a characteristic engulfing many of Hollywood’s elite personnel; for this reason, many high profile cases have become even more of a media magnet. Many may believe that notoriety is a determining factor in high profile cases, but all legal proceedings are conducted in the same manner whether heavily documented in the…show more content…
“Casey Anthony had reported her two-year old Caylee missing on June 9, 2008, she later admits that she had not seen Caylee in over 30 days before filing the claim” (Casey Anthony Fast Facts). Upon receiving this news, the police arrest Casey on considerable suspicion of child neglect. The police begin to inspect Casey’s car where they find “traces of human decomposition and hair lying in her trunk” (Casey Anthony Fast Facts). August 5, 2008 is when Casey is officially charged with child neglect, but is soon released on a $500,000 bail. It is not until October 14, 2008 that a Florida grand jury accuses Casey of capital murder. Casey Anthony then proceeds to plead not guilty on all accounts. The investigation furthers to find two-year-old Caylee when, horrifically, her skeletal remains were recovered in a nearby wooded…show more content…
Once someone steps in the court room to oversee a trial of this caliber (or any caliber) they must not and will not let the media dictate their perspective of events. Scott Peterson’s jury saw the burden of proof provided by the prosecution and were left with no doubt in their minds by their own deductions he was guilty. The Casey Anthony jury on the other hand took all of the evidence into consideration, but they still were not completely convinced she was capable of the charges being filed against her, leaving them no other decision but to provide a not guilty

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