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Casey Anthony was found not guilty in the murder of her two year old daughter. But with

all the research and facts that I have found Casey should have been found guilty. With the

evidence that I provide will prove that Casey should have been guilty and charged with first

degree murder of Caylee Anthony.

Caylee Anthony was born August 9, 2005 to her mother Casey Anthony. Casey does not

know who the father of her child is. June 9, 2008 Caylee Anthony goes missing in orange county

Florida (CNN). Casey claims that she dropped her daughter off at the babysitter known as

Zenaida Gonzalez. October seventeenth 2008 Casey pleads not guilty to the murder charges.

June thirtieth 2011 the defense rest and Casey do not testify.

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So how could you find this low life mother not guilty, Caylee

had to have been in the car at some point. Casey never reported it stolen just abandons the car

with evidence of false play.

Casey could have been framed. How can you be so sure that she is guilty of the murder? I

know that there is a side to every story and yes she could have been framed, but she wasn’t. All

the facts are here. FBI even said that her trunk once held a decomposing body and she goes ill in

the explanation of Caylee’s remains and has to call a recess.

As we can all see she is a great lyer and thief. She gave false information to law

enforcement. For example, the dates that I have mentioned in recent explanation do not match up

to Casey’s explanations to the FBI and chloroform was used on two year old Caylee and was

found inside Casey’s Pontiac sun fire. Not to mention she has many charges of fraud and identity

theft. I find that Casey Anthony is guilty of the death of Caylee Anthony.

Casey Anthony is guilty of the murder of two year old Caylee Anthony. The evidence

that I have provide has gave us a new verdict that Casey Anthony is guilty. I hope we can come

to the conclusion of my judgement so Caylee can finally lay at
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