Casey Phony Trial

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A frustrated community, mislead stories, and a phony mother brought to the courtroom in 2008, as a mother was being charged. Casey Anthony, the mother of Caylee, was accused of being responsible for the disappearance and death of her daughter. Caylee had been missing for weeks, before it was reported. The Casey Anthony case was significant to America because it showed our society the careless actions of one mother through the unreliable stories, falsely made reports and evidence that wasn’t thoroughly investigated. This trial was significant to America because it showed our society the careless actions of a mother, and how her choices got her to where she is today. From the start, Casey had not been the best mother, from the start of denying…show more content…
This changed it especially for the views on the mothers in today’s society. The mother in this case, has been one to come across as a mother that was irresponsible with her life decisions. She made decisions that affected the way people thought about her. According to CNN, during the process Casey didn’t show emotion at the fact that her child was missing, also she went out to “party” during the investigation instead of being out searching for her daughter or staying on top of what the police have accomplished so far” (Florida V. Casey). With this news, this supports the fact of Casey not being a good mother and why she was suspected to be responsible for it. Since the very beginning Casey has not been thrilled of her pregnancy, and with “ Caylee now dead, this has allowed Casey to live a good life, at least for those first 31 days” (Florida V. Casey). Through out the trial this mother was only thinking about herself, according to Attorney Linda Drone from CNN ” No one else benefited from the death of Caylee Marie Anthony”. The jury verdict was upsetting to society because of the mother not being charged with the murder or disappearance of Caylee. The Jury like what was said before only could make a decision on what was being given. There was little to no evidence that was brought to court that was investigated thoroughly to build a case or to charge her with it. Throughout the days in court it was realized that no one was on the same page, because not everyone was informing the prosecutors what all was investigated.
The Casey Anthony case was important to America because it showed us the un thoughtful ways one mother had lived. By the not so trustworthy stories, untrue claims and pieces of the case that didn’t get thoroughly looked
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