Cash Crop Clothing Case Study: Nomads Hemp Wear

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Nomads Hemp Wear INTRODUCTION Founded in 2000 at the back of small VW van, 2 nomad’s people namely Louis and Anik decided to promote the fashion of nomad. It is known in nomadic lifestyle to appreciate living sustainably, in harmony with the community and surroundings. It only made sense to find and use fabrics that fit this mandate. At that time, Hemp was just starting to emerge in the clothing industry as a viable fabric source. Even though nomad ancestors had used it for thousands of years around the world, hemp had a slow entry into the mainstream clothing industry. This was partly due to the oppression of its sister plant, Cannabis, but also because the process used to weave the plant into fabric was pretty rudimentary at that time. Going green is one thing, but…show more content…
The vision behind this brand was to create an eco-friendly, fashion forward men 's line. Cash Crop Clothing was born when they realized that previously men looking for earth minded attire had as much variety as was available at the, 'outdoors shops '. Even then the choices were of the non-tailored, one sack fits all type. They realized this product void very quickly and set out to make a difference, leave a positive carbon footprint, and to look good while doing it. Staying centered on the fundamentals of design, Cash Crop Clothing offers a concrete selection of pieces ranging from woven, outerwear including neutral pea coats and trench coats, flat front bottoms, above-the-knee shorts, tees, sweaters and more. Using recycled wools, bleach free wools, recycled plastic, recycled Polly and of course organic cottons, Cash Crop Clothing is working hard to offer a wide selection of everyday wear for the everyday gentleman. UNIQUENESS Apart of hemp and organic cotton, Cash Crop Clothing also used fabric made of recycled wool and recycled poly. • Recycled

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