Cash Department Case Study

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Cash department:
In the cash department I spent my last week, in the period of 6 week of my internship. It is a general thing that all cash inflow and outflow is deal in cash department, during my internship I seek all the activities that a bank perform. Mostly internee have no access in cash department as it is very sensitive matter there is possibility of theft so this matter is deal with much care. Though my manager gives me this opportunity to work in cash department for a week and I try my best to learn as much as possible. In cash department I saw that receipt counter receive cash and maintained it. Payment must make against the cheque holder after verification of signature by the certified person. Cashier also has responsibility of transferring
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There must be a supervisor or head of department who work for checkout all books for the purpose of security.
Also during my internship I note and come to know about MCB bank and I get critical analysis in following way
I measure organization success and rules and regulation also I examine that in MCB’s workers and management have strong communication also planning and selection process of MCB is very good
MCB workers and their seniors are happy from their job. They satisfy from their performance even though selection process of MCB is based on interviews and qualification..
MCB hire those person who have ability to fulfill their requirement so that it may able to generate profit and as MCB hire specialize workers so there is less chance of dissatisfaction of employee and senior ones. If they satisfy then they work hard and are more committed to achieve bank’s goal. Also all worker are always ready to help
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Sir Usman tell me that by doing so the size and weight of paper become light. After doing that these documents are mailed to main office. They check the documents and inform the branch about acceptance or rejection. If there is no objection then account is open and now request for issuing of cheque book is pleased. Cheque book is issued in 5 to 6 days later after submitting requested.

Clearing of Cheques
I worked in the clearing department and learned much about how we should make in three or four days the clearing of cheques. During my internship I’m hardly spend a week in clearing department due to the shortage of time so I learn completely about the procedure of clearing. After the closing of bank I work to clear cheques through the following procedures.
On the front side of the cheque posting clearing stamp with one day forward date and stamp of the payee’s account credited on the backside of the cheque and also other cities cheques needed intercity stamp for clearing.
After that for clearing through proper process the cheques were sent to NIFT (National Institutional Facilitation Technologies).
Other Tasks:
I am also work in filling of deposit slip which

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