Cash Flow In Restaurant

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Good Cash Flow:- A good business institute should have proper cash flow to fulfill the need of the institute at the time. Create a budget that identifies when you will have big payments to pay in future, insurance premiums or taxes, to make sure you can pay your bills on time. If the cash flow of a company is best then the company will never got any lose in management of money.
e) Strengths:- We will provide a reasonable customer satisfaction. We will provide tasty & healthy food and hygienic clean atmosphere. All staff or our restaurant are properly well qualified in their sector, which will help us to be the unique company in the city.
f) Weakness:- In current time our business have some weak points such as high competition, low profit
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Human resources implication in business is very important thing. It is the process, getting things done form other in a beautiful way. The main function of human resources implication it to find the right people for required tasks. Great people can change the poor plan to successful plan. Identifying the goals of company can help predict future hiring need of employees. Followings are the key implication of HR in restaurant business:-
Building team with attitude:- With bigger opportunities in the market the restaurant industry is acquiring different HR policies to keep their employees motivated. If the employees are motivated and working like a team then the business may achieve every goal in its history.
Hiring Staff for Restaurant Success:- Everyone in a restaurant has a title and role to play – from dishwashers and waiters at the bottom to Chefs. The managers on the top. So manpower is a very important requirement, particularly, in restaurant business, because this is the business where every person involved with his specified duties, which cannot be fulfilled in his
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Recruitment and Selection ii. Certifications iii. On-Boarding iv. HR Training
v. Compensation and Benefits vi. Compliance
Section B. Recruitment and selection, Employment relation
1. Job Analysis:- Job Analysis is a process to determine in detail the particular job duties and requirements. Job Analysis is a process, where judgments are made about data received during on a job. There are many methods for job analysis basic on the types of jobs. In restaurant there are many fields where different type of jobs could be created. Like Management, Kitchen, Dining room, laundry etc. The posts will be as General Manager, receptionist, cashier, Kitchen staff, cook, chef, helpers, dining room manager, head waiter, waiter, and servants, security guard and dish washer. In management General Manager who will be responsible for manage the front and back house of hotel, hires and manage staff, works on marketing etc, in Kitchen cook, chef, helpers who will be responsible for cooking, preparation of order, packing of order etc. In dining room, room manager, head waiter, waiter, and servants control the house with dealing customers

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