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The best casinos to visit in Las Vegas Many of the world’s most popular, and stylish casino resorts are located in Las Vegas. Spreading out from the famous Las Vegas Strip in all directions, these casinos have been the scene for some of the biggest wins in casino history. Some of them are full-on hotels, and others are standalone casinos. Some occupy hundreds of thousands of metres and are recognisable around the globe, and others are far smaller, but no less grand. No trip to the capital of gambling would be complete without popping into one of their leading casinos. In this article, we aim to have a closer look at 5 of the very best casinos that Las Vegas has to offer. The Venetian The Venetian is a particular favourite of ours, and many other casino revellers in Vegas. This five-diamond casino is also a luxury hotel, and is located right on the Las Vegas Strip. Las Vegas Sands own and operate this casino (it was build on the site of the former Sands Hotel), and costs anything from $500 up to $10,000 a night. Opened in 1999, The Venetian features over 4,000 rooms, and is themed on the famous Italian city of the same name, Venice. The casino contains the only Las Vegas…show more content…
It is also one of the oldest. It first opened in 1975, and in its over 40 years of existence, it has been a leading player in the city’s gambling scene. The MGM Grand covers 171,500 square feet, carries over 5,000 rooms, and permanently runs a David Copperfield show. The MGM Grand is the third largest casino resort complex in the world, and the USA’s biggest hotel. Some of the finest restaurants in the world are also present at the casino, resort. Even though it is one of the most luxurious hotels in the USA, standard rooms vary from $79 to $499 a night, whilst luxury rooms cost between $275 and $2,500 a night. There are also 29 villas the the MGM Grand for casino-invited guests, and these can range from five-grand up to $30,000 a

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