Lottery Gambling: The Two Types Of Stress

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Stress is the most common problem of individuals it is a universal assumption and that everyone already experienced stress. In time, people get to have some irregularities in their functioning as they experience stress and it prolongs in their lives which may or will make worse the body and mind of individuals (Krantz, Thorn, & Glaser, 2013). Stress has two kinds; the eustress and distress. By definition, eustress is a type of stress that can help the individual to be motivated and can also enhance daily functioning while distress is a type of stress consisting of problems and conflicts that the individual is unable to cope and adapt and that can lead to illnesses according to Lazarus (1966), as cited by Kranner, Minibayeva, Beckett, & Seal…show more content…
It is linked to various kinds of gambling such as video lottery, casinos, and horseracing on track or off-track. Individuals who experience gambling problems are the ones who play, and play more often lotteries rather than individuals who do not have problems on gambling. Lottery gamblers behaviors are related to problem gambling like chasing losses and betting more than they can afford. Lotteries are also termed “socially acceptable” and considered a low-risk or harmless form of gambling based on the view of problem gambling. Lastly, the study states that lottery gambling has a relationship with mental health problems like the mood, anxiety, and substance use disorders, according to the study of Short, Penney, Mazmanian, & Jamieson…show more content…
In general, non-gamblers are relatively more conservative toward the development of the casino gaming industry due to non-gamblers’ sensitivity toward the involvement of the economic and social costs involved in investing in this particular industry. In addition, the results of this study provide the Taiwan government with information about Taiwanese gambling behaviors and opinions toward newly legalized gambling. By understanding Taiwan residents’ gambling behaviors, perceptions, and attitudes prior to the opening of the casinos, this study could benefit Taiwan society and maximize the benefits and minimize the costs associate with the development of the casino industry (Chung, Hsu, & Chang in

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