Cass Mcbride Character Analysis

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Cass McBride, one of the most popular girls in school who desires homecoming queen, has been unsuspectingly captured by a boy who threatens to take revenge on her, Kyle Kirby wants revenge from Cass for causing his brother David Kirby suicide, he had suffered an insurmountable rejection when he asks Cass out for a date. Kyle plans to carry out his revenge through long periods of torture by burying Cass alive. When Cass wakes up to finds herself conscious she is overcome with fear when she feels as though she is trapped in a dark and enclosed space. She becomes highly emotional, trying to find methods of staying calm during her buried state of doom, but then time again it would soon come back to her that she would not be able to handle the situation that she is currently in. Possibilities of rescue are highly low, Detectives Ben gray and the others are unable to find any clues after interviewing any possible suspects in the past 24 hours.…show more content…
I would feel sorrowful towards david and kirby about how they are emotionally and mentally abused everyday in their lives. Especially to David Kirby in the book.Someone that i know that would represent the same familiar traits in the book to what the mom has would be in the "the boy called it" The mom that raises the child poorly is shown to have the third highest violent abuse to a child in a state. The mom in the book"the boy called it" constantly abuses the little boy everyday in the book just like the mom does with david kirby by abusing the him everyday as well. Therefore this is how David and Kirby 's mother is reminded of in the
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