Cassandra Gherkin Research Paper

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It was summer time and Cassandra Gherkin was packing her things into a large brown duffle bag. Why you may ask. Well, Cassandra was heading off to her first overnight sleep away camp. She was very nervous because she rarely leaves the house unless she is going to the therapist for her "issues". When Cassandra was 5 she had been heavily abused by her alcoholic father. Now at 12 years old she still carries around her childhood trauma. Ever since the incident she has had trouble with everyday life, that is until she got a therapist. After the course of a few years, she had begun healing. Then one day during a session with the therapist he suggested that Cassandra should go to summer camp to improve on her social skills. Ever since then she had been loathing for the day to come. "Cassandraaaaaaaa" her mother called from downstairs, "Are all your things ready…show more content…
The cabins were small on the outside and very plain. "Squirrel cabin?" Cassandra read aloud after reading the sign. "That 's right Cassandra all the cabins here at Tigiwigi are named after the majestic wildlife from the forest!". Squirrels aren 't majestic, Cassandra thought to herself. They entered the cabin and Cassandra immediately detected the overpowering smell of mildew and old, stale lady finger cookies. "Time to pick our bunks now girls" all the girls around Cassandra squealed and immediately ran to a bunk with a friend and Cassandra was left alone on the extra army cot in the corner. Cassandra sat down and began to unpack her things and then she stumbled across the journal her mother gave her. She all of a sudden felt really lonely and upset. When she finished unpacking her things into the small dresser she put the book under the pillow. After a bit of free time, they went to the mess hall for dinner. There was mashed potatoes, gravy and what looked like canned chicken salad. After one bite Cassandra was done. She thought the food was awful and it was about to be a very
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