Cassia Reyes: Plot Summary

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Matched Notes

1.Cassia Reyes- The main protagonist who is drawn to two boys, one is her match and the other is a test from officials. She lives in a future dystopian society that strives for perfection.
2.Xander Carrow-Cassia’s best friend, first kiss and first match until the experiment. Cassia describes him as hot. Xander is kind and smart; he usually follows the Society’s rules like everyone else, but he isn’t afraid to bend them sometimes.
3.Ky Markham-Ky is another friend of Cassia’s and the boy who she eventually falls in love. An Aberration whose father was arrested before both of his parents died, Ky was adopted by his aunt and uncle and brought to live in Oria Province when he was ten.
4.Em-She 's is Cassia’s oldest girlfriend. She’s an
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Everything has a purpose; every schedule is thought-out. When the maple trees in people’s yards grow naturally rather than uniformly, they are cut down. Even the garbage citizens incinerate is monitored recorded to make sure that nothing is destroyed that shouldn’t be. This kind of order is the founded upon all of civilization maintains peace.
1. Page range of scene: 274-276 On pages 274-276, the positive connotation words include love, promise, saved, and treasured. These words are thought when ky and Cassia first tell each other that they love each other. Some negative connotation includes break, lightning, secret told, etc. What would happen if someone found out about ky and Cassia’s forbidden love. They trust each other enough to love.
Interesting Quotes
1.“Only when I hold onto nothing can I be the best, only then can I be what they expect me to be.”-Cassia,
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