Cassius Clay's Life: Muhammad Ali

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Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) was born in Louisville, Kentucky on January 17, 1942 in a time of harsh racial segregation. While growing up, his parents could barely support their family of four. His father worked as a painter, painting billboards and signs. Cassius Clay Sr. had had his dreams crushed, and in result, resorted to drinking. Clay had said that his father caused his family a great deal of pain. He might not have been proud of his father, but Cassius was proud of was his great-grandfather who was a military commander and an Abolitionist whom he was also named after. Cassius would love to brag and tell stories about him to his friends about how great he was. In school Cassius wasn’t the best. His grades were slipping and was taken out of school and forced to…show more content…
In ___ Clay changed his name. Clay believed that his given name was a slave name that he didn’t not chose for himself. He insisted that people called him Muhammad Ali, meaning “beloved of god”. By the age of 38 he was already a major symbol in the Civil Rights Movement. Ali’s influence appealed to many bridging a gap between people, who normally, would disagree. He opposed the Vietnam war refusing to go. He stated that they didn’t do anything to harm him, so why would he go to war with them? He had a mutually supportive relationship with Martin Luther king Jr. All Throughout his life Muhammad Ali had wanted to become more than just a boxer. He decided to use his popularity and influence to help those in need. He donated and spent time helping charities. He worked in soup kitchens and hospitals to help out. He helped organizations such as The Special Olympics and Make a Wish Foundation. Muhammad Traveled the world to help. He made many goodwill missions. He made donations and delivered medical supplies to countries in need He helped secure the release of hostages during the First Gulf War. Muhammad’s biggest

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