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C is for Cassoday Cassoday is my twenty one year old sister. Cassoday was named after a town by Newton, it is spelled the same and pronounced the same. Cassoday is my oldest sister and she is one out of five including me. Today is December third, it is her birthday and in her birthday I send her an email saying happy birthday all my friends say the same thing, hope your day is a great one. Clair, Chloe, Elizabeth, Anna (me), Abigail and Cassoday all look the same, at least that is what everyone says to us. I made up this thing in our family called buddies, and it is when you have someone in your family that you have for the day and you can do anything you want together, Clair and Chloe are always together, Ellie and me are always together and Abby and Cassoday…show more content…
Whenever I need her help on something then I just call her and she will listen and try to solve my problems. She lives in Lawrence and is working photography and she is really good at it, sometimes she even will take a picture of me and put it on Facebook! She lives in Lawrence an she goes to collage at K.U, she is a good student, and I am a good student, because it come from her, she is very nice to me, and I look up to her everyday, she is my roll model for life, she is so dependable and she is incapable of anything. She is so pretty and she likes to take photos of me for her classes for school. My friends know her photography and they think it is very good. She is my person that I want to be like some day. One day one of my friends asked for her ago graph and I gave it to her and she was so exited about it that she hung it on her wall to hang forever. Her first picture was of my dad and it was really good! I really like playing with my sister, and having a lot of fun with them, they are the best sisters a sister could have! My favorite thing that I do with my sisters is when I take good photos with them. I like my sisters and I would not trade them for any other sisters in the whole

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