Cast Away: A Deluge/Exodus Myth

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Chuck Noland, a FedEx worker, played by Tom Hanks is traveling to Malaysia when his plane crashes over the Pacific Ocean during a storm. As the only survivor, he must learn to live on the island and is stranded there for four years. His only companion on the island is a volleyball named Wilson. Chuck eventually does attempt to make it back to civilization. Cast Away is an example of a Deluge/Exodus myth.
A Deluge myth depicts how human beings live with the conditions of a fallen world such as a natural disaster or accidents. For the most part, they are just trying to survive. In an Exodus myth. a “hero” type figure must step up on the behalf of human beings trying to escape or resolve the situation. It becomes more about a community than an individual. This movie is similar to the book of job when God made a bet with the devil about Job. If Job does not remain loyal to God after satan’s challenges he will have his family and possession taken away. Job gets to keep his family and possession because he stays loyal to God. Chuck has to deal with a plane crash from astorm and being stranded on an unknown island and needs to find a way back to civilization. Both are better off because of their experiences.
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A crossroads is significant because it means there can be multiple choices and a definitive decision must be made on which direction to go. The world Fed comes from Federal and in Latin, Foederis or to “allow yourself to”. Ex translates to “out of”. The full translation literally meaning “to allow yourself out of.” The truck is making at stop at the Ranch of a character named Bettina who creates crafts with an angelic motif. She can be seen as an Athena figure. Athena was the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, War and Crafts. In the movie there is a betting theme that can be referring to the name “Bettina” God’s bet with the devil in the book if job and also a wedding bet at
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