Castaway Symbolism

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The movie Castaway, directed by Robert Zemeckis, Chuck Noland played by Tom Hanks is a FedEx employee that survived a plane crash and lives four years on an island. Chuck was on a plane for a problem involving his job, and then the plane crashes he is the only survivor. During the four years on the island, he uses what he can to stay alive. He creates a “person” from volleyball named Wilson and uses packages that were in the plane during the crash to get to help him survive. There are many things in the movie like symbolism, non-verbal communication, and the usage of nature.

While Chuck was on the island many things around him were symbols. Two symbols of hope were the wings and the pocket watch. The wings were on a package that was shown at the beginning of the movie. After the plane crashed the box washed up on the island and it was the only box he didn 't open. Later, he painted the wings on the boat that got him rescued four years later. The pocket watch was given to by Kelly before he got on the plane. Wilson, the island, and the whale were symbols of survival. Wilson represented the need for human companionship, that is an important thing in a person’s life. He survived on the island during that time and the island saved him when he lost everything. After leaving the island, the whale woke him up when the boat passed by him,
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Such as when he was listening to the guy on the plane, when his he got a phone call at the dinner table, and when the ship found him. A the beginning of the movie, he is is listening to a guy on the plane talk about how his wife is very sick. Chuck doesn’t know how to respond a that time, but it is visible that he is listening. At the dinner table with his family and got the call that he had to leave, Kelly communicated to Chuck that she didn’t like the situation. When the ship found Chuck on his raft, the people on the ship communicated to him that that they saw him and he held up his
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