Caste Discrimination Essay

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Change took place in our nation long back in 1947 when India got independence from the colonial powers, but have we accepted the change yet? Caste Discrimination is a taboo or a “no-no” topic of discussion on official papers, but it is still followed in various parts of the country. One cannot blatantly blame the Northern part of the country for caste discrimination, as literacy rates are low, as prejudice on the basis of caste is not something that education can eradicate rather it is a game of the predominant ideology that has been followed since centuries. To trace the origins of Caste system, it was a system developed on the basis of occupation. As per the Hindu scriptures, there are four main castes which were decided on the basis…show more content…
In the book, Untouchable, Bakha the principal character is a young boy in his teens, dreams of being successful, which comes education, but because he is born into a certain section of the society. Access to education was privatized and only the men with threads had access to it. ’ …They think we are mere dirt, because, we clean their dirt.’’ – Bakha, Untouchable Bakha gets money in return for the menial job that he does, but he is not entitled to spend that money for his own happiness, be it for buying food or clothes. The simple act of being happy is denied to him. He has to depend on the lords of the town for his clothes and food. A teenager if faced with such situations develops a hatred for the society. He is not able to relate to that area, and thus faces an identity crisis. The caste discrimination was of a different level when the women became victims of the evil. In the book, Bakha’s sister Sohini, becomes an object of sexual enjoyment, for Pandit Kali Nath. The women were exploited and used for the pleasure by men of higher caste. The irony lies in the fact that the touch that took place during sexual exploitation was not

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