Caste System Dbq Essay

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There are many different societies in our world today, and each of these communities treat and group their people differently. While some places, like the United States, do not have set groups, others, like India, have very strict laws about what each class can and cannot do. The Caste system in India is a great example of how one society strictly groups their members. The Caste system is a class structure that is determined at birth. If you are born into a family of wealth you will also be wealthy. If you are born in a family that is poor, you will also be poor. No matter how hard you work, there is a very little chance that you will ever leave your group or class, unlike the United States. If you are born into a poor family in the United States, there is still a chance that you could become wealthy and powerful if you work hard enough. Hinduism also uses the Caste system to set groups within the religion. In India, there is also another conflict where women are treated less than men and people are starting to speak up about this issue, as seen in Document 2. The #IWillGoOut movement is a protest where women demand equal rights to public places that men have all rights to. This is a form of how societies group their members. You can see that because these women are a different gender, they do not get all the rights that everyone else has.…show more content…
"If Muslims get less happy with their place in the world, more resentful of their treatment by the West, support for radical Islam will grow, so things will get worse for the West," wrote Sewall Wright in his book Evolution. In my opinion, this shows a how grouping people into classes can make many very unhappy, causing them to go to extremes to find a way out. These people are put into classes based on their religion, even though everyone deserves to practice their beliefs
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