Caste System In Modern India

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Caste Forms of caste system In Hinduisim there are four casts in the hierarchy. Anyone who does not belong among the four castes is an outcaste. The first and the highest class is the Brahman . The members of this class were the priest and educate the children of the society. The second class was the Kshatria. The members of this class was the rulers of the society. The third class was the Vaisai. The members of this class was the landlords and trades of the society. The fourth and the last class was the Shudra. These members of this class were the workers . Below these caste were marked as the untouchables. There people work as a degrading jobs like cleaning , sewage . Caste system Caste system is a system which is divided on the bases of…show more content…
B R Ambedkar . Ghandhi ji . Jotiba Phule These political as well as social reformers have worked to make a society in which there is no inequality and caste discrimination in the society. Caste system in modern India . within a great social development and large scale urbanization the villages where converted into cities and employment was given without disclosing their religion . Due to the employment and the development of the society the old caste hierarchy and the position of the landlord were breaking down. . There was a growth of education and literacy. Many schools were opened in the rural areas for the better development of the child. Education brought some awareness in the mind of the people. Various forms in politics . During the election, when parties chose the candidate in election they keep in mind about the caste composition and select the candidate from different caste so that they can gather all votes and win the election. . While setting up the government , the political parties cares that the candidates should be of different caste. . During election , the political parties appeals with the sentiments of the caste to collects votes . So as a result there parties can be seen with somes caste standing in favour of

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