Castiel Warlock Analysis

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No one knows exactly how old Castiel is, as a warlock he is immortal and stopped aging when he was around thirty years old. As the offspring of a demon and a human, warlocks are all marked of their demonic bloodline as well as their magical gifts. Some warlocks just have cat eyes or skin a different color, Castiel had been born with wings. Castiel was old enough that at his birth many people believed that he was the child of one of the gods and his mother revered. However, it was also a time of short life spans and when Castiel stopped aging and he had to watch everyone he love die, he left his home and started to travel. It was when he picked up his love for fashion and also his reputation for being rather eccentric, even for a warlock. Like most warlocks, he was an enigmatic character, but unlike many others he has not set up a home in a large city. Magnus Bane was the High Warlock of Brooklyn, but also become invaluable to the Clave, while Malcolm Fade had set himself up in Los Angeles, but Castiel had always been a nomad. However, that all changed on a fateful day when he stumbled upon a bloody Shadowhunter, barely more than a child, and his younger brother. They were surrounded by demons and while the battle seemed…show more content…
No one is ever quiet sure where the warlock will be. He stays out of the affairs of the Clave and Downworlders business, only concerning himself with the Winchester 's affairs. Even then, most of the time he thought they were annoying and acting impulsively, but they were fascinating. Sam because of the power and darkness that Castiel sensed in him and the rage that he sensed in Dean. Castiel was most interested when he heard that Bobby Silverhood had allowed two other shadowhunters into their little sanctum and awaited their arrival with mild interest. Things were about to get interesting in Kansas and Castiel did hate to be
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