Castle Dracula Summary

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The young Jonathan Harker, a wayward lawyer, travels to Castle Dracula of Transylvania in order to conclude a real estate transaction with the Noble Count Dracula. As Mr. Harker travels though the picturesque countryside, the local peasants, quite loving and friendly people, warn him about his destination and are often seen making a strange gesture over their chest as a ward off evil. Many even beg the young man not to go. Frightened but not swayed in his resolve, Harker meets with the count’s carriage as per planned. The perilous trip to the castle is incredibly frightening, nearly attacked by angry wolves, Harker is only saved when the driver (still kind of vague in his apperance) is mysteriously able to run them off. Arriving dilapidated old castle, Harker is greeted by the elderly Dracula, a well schooled and gracious gentleman. After…show more content…
By killing the three vampire women and sealing all entrances of Castle Dracula with sacred objects Van Helsing and Mina cleanse the Castle. The others catch up with Count Dracula just as he flees to his castle, there Jonathan and Quincey use knives to destroy him. As far as classics go, I personally thought it was done quite well. And even though Bram Stoker did not write the myth of Dracula, he did help to make it one of the most well know myths across the globe, and I as the reader, think that, that makes the story all the more nostalgic and enjoyable while reading. Similarly, Jonathan Safran Foer’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, brings in the nostalgic edge because of its ties to 9/11. For me anything historically tied novels resonated more deeply then something not. They are links to our past and whether they are books written by about how to handle the grief of a tragic accident passes or the interpretations and written recordings of ancient folk lore, it is important to uphold their
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