Castle Freak

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Castle Freak started with two solid pro 's. First is that it 's directed by Stuart Gordon, whose films I 've basically been reviewing this month, and it comes from the Production Company Full Moon Entertainment. I 'm a fan of both, though admittedly not a fan of the Sub-Species series from Full Moon. It also stars Jeffery Combs, who I 've also spent most this month reviewing. Though this certainly isn 't my favorite performance, that honor goes to From Beyond. I 'll get into my feeling on this stuff in a bit. What really drew my eye to Castle Freak, was that it 's described as containing elements of both the Splatter and Slasher Genres. Combine that with H.P. Lovecraft, Castle Freak became something that I had to check out. Castle Freak opens with Duchess D 'Orsino (Helen…show more content…
The film than jumps ahead with John Reilly (Jeffery Combs), who has inherited the castle from the Duchess as he is her last living relative. The Duchess being his aunt. John is accompanied by his with wife Susan (Barbra Crampton) and his daughter Rebecca (Jessica Dollarhide). John and Susan marriage is on bad footing, with Susan blaming John for he death of the son in a car accident that also left their daughter blind. This is because John was drunk, but it was also super stormy and he was distracted by his son crawling around out of his car seat. So, while he should not of been driving drunk, that accident could of very well still happened. John gets help from a pair of locals, Giannetti (Massimo Sarchielli) and his sister Agnese (Elisabeth Kaza). One to help liquidate the estate the other as a cook. While exploring the castle Rebecca comes across the Duchess cat, which she follows into the basement, where she falls and ends up at the door to cell containing the man. Who is still alive but starved. Unable to see him, Rebecca leaves to find her way back upstairs. The man, which is more of a beast or a
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