Castle Of Good Hope Case Study

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CASTLE OF GOOD HOPE The Castle of Good Hope is the oldest building in the Cape Town and was the centre of life in the early Cape towns as the headquarters of the Dutch East India Company (VOC), and residence of the Governor of the Cape. It also served as a fortress against invasion by sea. Jan Van Riebeeck, the first governor of the Cape established a refreshment station for the Dutch East India Company as they passed on route to the East. Days after they arrived, Jan Van Riebeeck ordered the build of a fort made of earth and wood on the shore in 1652, but it needed constant repair, thus the construction of the Castle of Good Hope between 1666 and 1679 by Commander Zacharius Wagenaer and the Dutch East India Company, and as the Cape gained strategic prominence, the increasing threat of a British attack spurred the colonists to improve their defence capacity. Back then it was located directly at the Atlantic on the original coastline of Table bay, Its position, although unremarkable today, indicates the original position of the shoreline, which, due to land reclamation, has been extensively changed. The castle acted as the local headquarters for the South African Amy in the Western Cape, and was never attacked as the battles against the British were fought at Maizenberg in 1795 and Blaaawberg in 1806. The construction we see today started in 1666 taking 13 years to finish and it took 30 years to identify one small problem, the entrance faced the sea, constant flooding and
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