Castro Imperialism

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Castro is an undeniably controversial figure in the United States. For decades the American media had portrayed him as a malevolent communist dictator. By doing the readings and watching the documentary I now know the main reason why America has vilified him, Fidel has managed to defy the United States and put an end to its imperialist expansion in Cuba. My thesis is that despite the United States being a superpower, Cuba undoubtedly managed to end US imperialist expansion and interference in Cuban affairs. Cuba has managed to govern itself as an egalitarian society.
Cuba came under the ascendancy of United States imperialism as a result of the Spanish- American war. Cuba was the pearl of the Caribbean; it remained under Spanish control due
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The Roosevelt Corollary prevented European intervention in the region. The United States would utilize its authority in the region to stabilize and interfere in economic affairs of all nations in the Caribbean and Central America, particularly if they could not pay their foreign debts. The Roosevelt Corollary was conspicuously an imperialist threat; it assured that the U.S would use its power to obtain concessions and privileges for American corporations. Cuba was once again controlled by a foreign country, which quested after the advancement of its own economic interest and expansion of its…show more content…
Marti was cognizant of the fact that the United States had ulterior motives, in a letter to his friend Marti wrote “I am in danger for giving my life for my country, and for my duty- given that I understand it and motivated to do so- to impede in time with the independence of Cuba extension of the United States throughout the Antilles and to prevent its full weight from falling upon our American soil . Marti also has a greater understanding on how countries ought to be created. Marti argued that the United States couldn’t merely go in foreign soil and impose its own ideals and political beliefs “they are blind to the fact that ideas, like trees, must come from the deep roots and compatible soil in order to develop a firm footing and prosper.” Marti claims that monsters are created this way, not civilized
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