Cat Experimentation Argumentative Essay

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Have you ever wondered how hearing aids have gotten better recently? Do you wonder why one of the stray cats in your neighborhood is missing? Did one of your neighbors adopt that cat, did the cat get hit by a truck, or did the cat not get enough food and slowly starve. Neither one of those is the answer but, even then those things would be more merciful then to where they’re going. That stray cat is going to the lab to be experimented on, dissected, and repeat but, with a different cat. Animal activists took note and did not agree with such an unethical act but, since the activists had no proof to propose only knowing of this the scientists kept doing what they did best. Cat experimentation should be illegal because “every time there is…show more content…
These experiments include shoving metal prods into the cats head to then send annoying signals or sound through the prods to see if the cat can hear it, other experiments include cutting off a cats ears, dropping cats into vats of water, and drugging the cats to see what crazy things the cat does. Cat experiments should be legal because some of these experiments have good results like being able to upgrade hearing aids for people because of neurological experiments, not to mention sacrifice of some animals to find a cure of something is sadly necessary sometimes not to mention the only reason most people have survived is experiments on animals like being able to create pills from fish liver that help with diet…show more content…
Another problem occurring with this is unless people like dissecting and killing animals your rate of getting workers would be low and since for certain experiments you actually need government approval unless you were doing this behind there back but, when doing that you would get caught, have your business shut down and lastly probably go into custody for your
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