Cat Food Requirements Essay

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Nutritional and Environmental Requirements of Cats

Nutritional Requirements

Like us, cats are individuals and have different appetites and preferences when it comes to their food. Some prefer dry, some prefer wet, some will eat raw food and some, like mine, will not touch it until it is cooked. They don’t always know what is good for them.
As kittens, they need more food per pound of body weight than adult cats to bulk them up. About 4 meals a day. Until they are around 6 months then they can be fed more like adult cats.
There is debate about whether dry or wet food is better for cats. In my opinion dry food is fine as long as the calorie content is observed and over feeding is not happening. There are many types of cat food some are for young cats, some for older cats and some specifically
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Environmental Requirements

When it comes to environmental requirements for cats it’s simple. They just want somewhere warm, safe and secure where they can sleep, play and eat in comfort.

Cats are extremely adaptable and they can set up home anywhere they feel comfortable and secure. When a kitten is taken from her mother and siblings to a new home, she can be quite shy and scared for a while but with a bit of patience, coaxing and play she will adapt to her surroundings.

It is always advisable to adopt 2 kittens from the same litter as it will help their transition and cause them less stress in a new environment.

Kittens need lots of stimulation in the early months as they are extremely playful and full of fun. Another reason why it is advisable to adopt 2 littermates- they will tire each other out!

As they get older and start to get more independent they will want to be going outside and exploring their surroundings. At this stage they should already have been neutered/spayed to minimize the chance of wandering if it is a male and obviously stop her getting pregnant if it is a
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