Cat In The Rain Literary Analysis

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Ernest Hemingway has gained world’s fame as an author writing outstanding novels and short stories with a deep meaning that is implied in the plain content of the writing. There is always more in his works than the reader can read about. While the content and the plot of his short stories is really simple, straightforward, and easy to understand, the same cannot be said about the ideas of the author’s works. The interpretation of Hemingway’s stories cannot be said to be simple or obvious. This creates a contradiction that so often draws the attention of the readers to a definite novel or a story of Ernest Hemingway. With regard to the writer and his works, one of the short stories that also depicts a much deeper meaning that it might seem after reading it, is the story “Cat in the Rain”. Despite its easy plot, the story pictures rather actual for our society issue of isolation that one might feel as a result of lack of fun and entertainment even in spite of having a partner. The idea of isolation from the world and from surrounding people is effectively implemented in the setting of the story, in its characters, in the mood created by the author, and in the events that occur as the story develops. All aspects of the story contribute to the idea of an unendurable solitude of a person, even though externally there are merely some signs of the profound feeling that is paralyzing the whole sole of a person and results in the development of egoistic approach to the events as well

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