Cat On A Hot Tin Roof: An Analysis

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Throughout the course of history, numerous changes were made to the popular fairy tales of today. Whether oral or written, storytellers told personal adaptation of these stories to their listeners, who then passed down adaptations of their own. While thousands of changes have occurred, one recurring model is that of a vulnerable, fragile female character needing to be saved by a male hero. The frequent use of this structure highlights the belief many had for the status quo between man and woman throughout history, where women are dependent upon men for social and economical security. Similarly, Tennessee Williams portrays Blanche, in A Streetcar Named Desire, and Maggie, in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, as vulnerable and fragile to convey his ideas…show more content…
Every time Blanche is alone with another male character, she always acts promiscuously, even when Stanley or Mitch is trying to talk seriously with her (A Streetcar Named Desire). Blanche believes that only young, pretty people are loved by men. Therefore, by having suitors willing to have sex with her, Blanche validates, for herself, her youth and beauty. In a similar manner, Maggie also seeks after men to fulfill more than just her sexual desires. Blanche strived for the personal satisfaction a sexual relationship brought forth; likewise, Maggie also yearned for satisfaction aside from sexual lust. However, instead of personal satisfaction, Maggie craved social satisfaction, wanting to gain respect and authority within the family. Big Mama's chief complaint towards Maggie is that she is not a good wife. Since her marriage with Brick, Brick began drinking more often and they have yet to have a child (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof). Having sex gives Maggie a chance at getting pregnant. With a baby, Maggie will seem like a good wife who makes Brick happy as she now has his offspring, thus, pleasing both of Big Mama's complaints. Furthermore, with newfound support both from Big Mama and her son, someone with the Politt blood, Maggie also has a chance at contesting Gooper and Mae for a bigger share in the inheritence. Therefore, with the fulfillment of Maggie's sexual desires comes the opportunity for her to advance in the family social ladder. Because of the necessity for sex to achieve their goals, Blanche and Maggie illustrate how women rely on men to fulfill their personal goals. Whether for the sexual pleasures or the greater benefits that follow, none of these desires could have been obtained without having sexual intercourse. Yet, neither character could have done it on her own. They both need a partner in

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