Cat On A Hot Tin Roof: Big Daddy

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It is funny to see a cat and a dog living together. In most of the cases, they either get along with each other very well, or fight with each other all the time. I used to have a Labrador Bobby and a British Shorthair Anita. Fortunately, they treated each other like best friends. They usually snuggled up together and enjoyed the scenery in the balcony. Sometimes when some kids scared Anita, she ran to Bobby, and there was always a hug waiting for her. However, it is not the case that how men and women interact in Williams’ Cat on a hot tin roof: Big Daddy has absolute power over Big Mama; Gooper always dominant in the conversation with Mae; Maggie can hardly even interact with Brick. The communication styles really depend on gender in William’s…show more content…
Big Mama is a weak and fat woman who can hardly breathe. Sometimes she is like an old cat, teetering around Big Daddy; and sometimes she is like a kitty, following and obeying him. Maggie is the one who is the most similar to a cat in this play. Cats are capricious, and Maggie performs various of characteristics in the play. Cats like to tidy their fur and pay attention to their appearance all the time. At the beginning of Act I, Maggie is looking at the magnifying mirror and straightening her eyelash while she is talking to Brick (Cat 1, p.20). Cats are mild, sometimes they show their white feather and ask for people’s comfort. Maggie does it to Brick at the beginning too. She pours out to Brick that she feels alone living with someone she loves (Cat 1, p.28). But cats can be fierce sometimes, especially when some one make them angry. Maggie becomes “stubborn” after she can not get any return from Brick. She says that “But one thing I don 't have is the charm of the defeated, my hat is still in the ring, and I am determined to win!”(Cat 1, p.31) Also, cat can be a symbol of sexy, and that is what Maggie is like—“She giggles with a hand fluttering at her throat and her breast and her long throat arched”(Cat 1,
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