Family Values In Tennessee Williams Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

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FAMILY VALUES IN ''CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF'' In this essay, I plan to look back on the most important characteristics of the family and family relations in Cat On a Hot Tin Roof, written by Tennessee Williams. I will examine the individual relationships between members of Pollitt family, and also try to explain the essence of problems that plagued this American family. I'm hoping to observe these issues from sociological, psychological and historical position, and through detailed examination, I will try to present certain views. The aim of this essay is to find reasons and explanations why certain family relationships in this work are disrupted, whether there is a bigger picture, and what is in the background of all of this. If we start with the term "family" and the general importance of the family, we realize that this is one of the key terms in the life of an individual. This…show more content…
Big Daddy only considers Brick as his heir. It is clear why this is the case because they share certain tendencies. Big Daddy represents the American dream. In the time of Great Depression, he managed to become rich. On the other hand, Brick who is in much more prosperous times, fails to accomplish what his father did. Big Daddy feels like his American dream betrayed him, and even though he grew up in poverty, he still lives the life of a consumer. He did not apply lessons of modesty to his own life. Big Mama's purchase of European art that she later hid in the basement is the best example of consumerism. Big Daddy's basic desire is to create a dynasty and leave some kind of a legacy. That's why he needs an heir that is similar to him. Brick is loved by all. He has incredible charisma, and everyone is in some way charmed by him. But Brick's narcissism creates the idea of ''unfulfilled love'' in relations with others. For his father he is the ideal of
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