Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Movie Vs Book

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In all movie adaptations, there must be some change to make it function like a movie. This is evident when discussing the play, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and its 1958 counterpart of the same name. Both are similar in terms of plot, characters, and setting. Despite this, some key plot points were changed when the movie was made that differ from the play. These points change the storyline dramatically. One of the more obvious changes is the absence of Brick’s possible homosexual relationship with Skipper. Because of the Motion Picture Production Code, these references had to be taken out of the movie. In the book it is alluded to Brick and Skipper having something more than a friendship. Maggie calls Brick out on this when she says, “You two had…show more content…
It appears at the end of the movie where Big Daddy and Brick talk in the basement. They talk about Big Daddy’s lack of love for his family and about all the mendacity between them. These conflicts get resolved in the end with this scene “Big Daddy: I’ve got the guts to die. What I want to know is if you’ve got the guts to live?” “Brick: I don’t know.” “Big Daddy: We can start by helping each other up these stairs.” (Brooks). This gave the movie’s end more of a happier ending then the book. Another difference is that in the book, Maggie admits that she did sleep with Skipper. She did this so that both of them could be closer to Brick. But in the movie, she denies that this ever happened. This gives Brick’s distaste for Maggie less justification in the movie version. Again this is because of the Motion Picture Production Code which said that special care had to be given to how marriage was treated. In conclusion, there were some changes made to make this into a movie. The omission of Brick’s possible homosexual relationship with Skipper is a big change. This lead to the added scene with Big Daddy and Brick which gave the movie a happier ending and gave characters closure. Maggie’s denial of her affair with Skipper in the movie is also added because of the culture it was made in. Both the film and the play are very alike in many ways, but both have differences which changes the
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