Two Types Of Doers

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As most people believe, the world can be divided into two types of people. What those two types are vary from person to person, but the general rivalry theme betwixt the two sides is the same. There are cat people vs dog people, vegans vs normal people, and the classic Communists vs God-fearing Americans. Out of all these typecasts, the one I subscribe to is that there are people who are doers and people who are waiters. The people who take charge of their lives and the people who wait around for their lives to start. There is a clear distinction between waiters and doers. Waiters are those who, as their name implies, wait for things. They do not take action in their lives, and have no drive to accomplish their goals, if they even set any.…show more content…
They grab life by the throat and don’t let go until it gives them what they want. They take every opportunity to follow their dreams, even if those paths don’t always take them where they want to go. When they do something, they do it with their whole hearts and make sure it is done right. This type of person would not allow themself to be kept down for longer than they deem necessary, and when they got back up they would make sure that they wouldn’t be put back down again. Doers are always striving to their next goal, literally doing the best they can to reach it while keeping true to themselves. They are stubborn, they make up their minds, and they pursue their goals with a zeal I admire. These people don’t let anything stand in their way, and they make an effort to move their life forwards. They refuse to be stuck in a rut, and if they find themselves in that position, then they do their damndest to get out of it. These are the kind of people who let life be what they decide it is, and not a bit less. Unlike waiters, doers will always find a way to strive no matter their circumstances. They know their limits, but they push to overcome them. These are the people that will go far in…show more content…
While I am trying to become a doer, I know that I slip up and let myself get pulled back down to a waiter. I will not allow that to stop me, though. I will get back up as many times as it takes so I can do what I mean to do. I want to become someone who can take what they want from life and leave it without any regrets. The only reason I’m not quite there yet is because I have been dealing with depression for the past few years. I let myself get to some pretty dark places during that time, and I know first-hand how hard is it to accomplish anything when all you want to do is waste away until there is nothing left of you. I became something that I can’t stand now. I was a waiter for a long time. I was that person who believed that nothing I could ever do would be good enough, so I stopped trying. I stopped looking towards my goals, stopped believing I could accomplish them. During that time, I didn’t think there was any way I could redeem myself. I was wrong, and through religion and some amazing people in my life, I was able to climb out of the hole I’d put myself in. I got back on my feet and started striving to become someone I could be proud of again. I decided I wasn’t going to sit there and wait to feel better again. I was going to make myself better, because I am the one thing in life that I can control. I can ensure that my life will be just what I want it to be. I will be someone who does something with my

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