Cat Tunnel Research Paper

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ENCOURAGES HEALTHY & FUN PLAY TIME --- An active cat is always a happy cat. Cat Tunnel by SunGrow will surely make your kitties healthy in a fun way. They will be able to stretch their muscles as they run while being curious and excited about what’s on the other side. This can be used for playdates and also works well for some independent play. Let your furry pal toss, roll, and kick either for solo exploration or along with his pals.
HUNT & NAP SANCTUARY--- Your high-spirited kitties simply love to play by hiding things. Exploration is a natural instinct for them. Mysterious and enclosed spaces gives them a sense of security from predators as they hunt for their prey---the small crinkle ball tied at the end of the tube. This tunnel has a peep hole for and additional adventure. Once they feel the need to have a breather
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Of course, he didn’t go to London and visited the queen, he either went hiding or played as he normally does. Known to be predators, cat loves to hide, stalk and hunt. In order to satisfy their natural instincts, Cat Tunnel by SunGrow is the most purrfect thing to have around.
This 35” (length) x 9.8” (diameter) tube made from 3-layer polyester material, can surely provide a long dark warm and soft place for cats. This also has a hole where they can pop through whenever they feel curious about their surroundings.
An all-around haven for cats, this provides a place to sleep and a ground for unlimited play whether with other cats or a private play time. A balance of rest and recreation will also be rewarding to pet parents because you will get to enjoy a relaxed and happy behaviour from them. You can also take this portable entertainment with you anywhere. Its collapsible material is ideal for travel and quick storage.
To ensure hours of fun and healthy play, complement this tunnel with Interactive Toy Combo Pack of 6 items for
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