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Have you ever wanted to go to Emerald Bay on Catalina Island for a once in a lifetime experience? Well, next time you go make sure to go to Camp Emerald Bay and have the time of your life. The camp itself is isolated but, it is very calm and peaceful. The camp is also filled with a bunch of wildlife which is very exciting to look at. When you are there you might get to see a Catalina Fox which is very spectacular. The most important thing at the camp is that it is a Christian camp, which makes the camp even more special. While we were at Catalina we had a lot of fun experiences in all of the different buildings. The cabins might not be the most pristine place but, when you are with your friends it makes it all worth it. They have cabinets in the cabins so you can put all your belongings in them, which is really nice so you can keep your cabin nice and organized. Also, the cabins are made out of wood and the cabin names are really fun too. The buildings for the camp are all pretty much made out of cement. The main buildings are pretty large in size and the other ones are average. Lastly the bathrooms are similar to the ones at the beach, but a lot smaller and cleaner.…show more content…
Some of the activities may include kayaking, snorkeling, getting to touch a bunch of different animals, playing fun games, a nature hike, getting to dissect a squid and so much more. My favorite activity was getting to go kayaking because first of all I have never been kayaking and second of all it was really fun to get to spend time with my friends. Another one of my favorite activities was getting to touch a bunch of different wildlife creatures and seeing how they felt and how they live was very tremendous. Another fun activity is when you have free time and get to go to the store there or you get to go to the cabins with your friends and hang around with your friends until it’s time to go to your next stop. All of these activities were really entertaining and I hope to do some of them again

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