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This science fair project is a mechanical catapult that will be electrically modified to pull back on its own. The goal of this project is to see how far an eraser cap will launch with two different forces that pull the catapult arm forward very fast. From this, we will see if either a bungee cord, or fifty to one-hundred rubber bands has more elasticity. One real-world situation we would want more elasticity for is holding things together, or hooking things together. In this project, recording of the control and data trials will be included into a bar graph, as an average. The control trial is the launch distance of the bungee cord. The data trial is the launch distance of the rubber bands. The trials will be tested ten times each so a better…show more content…
Many useful portions in this article that provide information about the catapult was found. There is information about what types of catapults there are and how they all function. This article tells how far a catapult from the medieval time could launch, which is a much larger scale than the ones that are built today. There is a lot more information about a catapult on this article that states how the catapult uses energy to launch projectiles at such a fast rate.
In search for ideas, the article “Catapult Physics” gave an idea on the idea of the catapult.
Bunches of information can be found, and all of the information give a point on the catapult.
Information on this website that was found was a picture of a mechanical catapult that could launch rocks, boulders, and many other large objects. Sights on the destruction a catapult could do were also stated. A catapult can launch a projectile into a thick, brick wall, destroying it to get to the enemies. A diagram is also shown in the article, stating what parts are called on the catapult. This article also explains how the catapult launches in a fast motion to sling a boulder out of it’s pouch, with extreme accuracy. A lot more information can be found about what types of catapults specialize in, and how they all work in this

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