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Cataracts are defined based off location so there are three main types: nuclear, cortical, and posterior subcapsular. Both cortical and nuclear occur via the lens fiber cells. Although both of these types of cataracts have their cells of origin in common, their locations are different. The nucleus is enclosed in the cortex and is much more densely packed than the cortex.[1] This is where the patient has a 1+ cataract in the right eye and a 2+ cataract in the left. Posterior subcapsular cataracts occur in the in the posterior of the lens but are caused by epithelial cells that have migrated from the equator which is abnormal location for them. These cells then become opaque and form a cataract.[4] This is what has occurred in the patients left eye, the cataract is paracentral, meaning it is not centered in the lens but slightly off to the side. Although cataracts can be a natural part of aging, there are some…show more content…
Some of these include a family history of cataracts, antidepressants, trauma such as surgery or injury, radiation to the upper body, corticosteroids, and excessive exposure to sunlight.[5] The patient did say that both of her parents had cataracts so she is more likely to get them. It was also found that brown eyes have and odds ratio of 1.61 for getting cataracts.[6] It has also been found that high myopia, like the patient's, has been correlated with both nuclear and posterior subcapsular cataracts, just like the patient's.[7] There are also some connections between cataracts and systemic disease. Diabetes has been known to cause cataracts due to the higher concentration of glucose in the blood, which could be another method of this patient's cataract development. Posterior subcapsular cataracts are correlated with diabetes.[8] This patient's diabetes could have caused the posterior subcapsular

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