Catastrophe In Romeo And Juliet

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The choices people make can lead to both positive and negative outcomes depending on what decision had been made. These choices can be harmless but in rare cases, can lead to things as gruesome as death.In the tragedy “Romeo and Juliet” by Shakespeare, the catastrophe was caused by a series of choices made by characters throughout the play. First, the choices Romeo continuously made throughout the play heavily impacted the result of the catastrophe at the end of the tragedy. Here, Romeo willingly decided to attend the Capulets party and commit suicide in the play which resulted in the catastrophic catastrophe in the end of the novel. Finally, the decisions that the friar made throughout the play was one of the main reasons for the outcome of…show more content…
The catastrophe that occurred at the end of the tragedy “Romeo and Juliet” by Shakespeare was caused by the poor decisions made by the two characters Romeo and Friar Lawrence. First, Romeo 's decision to attend the party at the Capulets and to poison himself after he saw what seemed to be his dead wife was the main reason as to why the catastrophe occurred. Next, Friar Lawrence 's choice to marry Romeo and Juliet the day after they met and to give Juliet a potion that would mimic the look of death so that she would not have to marry Paris lead to the catastrophe at the end of the play. In the fictional novel “The Fault in our Stars” by John Green, two characters known as Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace, fall in love with each other after meeting at a counseling session for cancer patients. The new couple immediately begins to fall in love with each other despite the fact that Hazel continually warns him about the fact that she might die soon. Despite this, they eventually they travel to Amsterdam to meet Hazel Grace 's favorite author. However, before they left, Augustus was told by his doctor that his cancer came back to multiple parts of his body and advised him to stay there and get treatment. Augustus though decided against the doctor 's opinion and went to Amsterdam where his cancer only began to grow worse and worse. Eventually, when he arrived home, the cancer completely took over and lead to his death at the end of the novel. Like “Romeo and Juliet”, the characters bad choices ultimately lead to their deaths at the end of the novel causing chaos that could have
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