Catch-22 Compare And Contrast Essay

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The movie Top Gun, and the book Catch-22 each have different storylines, but there are also a lot of commonalities between them. The movie Top Gun follows a fighter pilot, called Maverick, as he struggles to get through, Top Gun the toughest fighter pilot school. He wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a great fighter pilot. The book Catch-22 follows a fighter pilot, named Yossarian, as he struggles to make it through the war with his life. Throughout the book, he constantly tries and fails to get out of the war any way that he can. These two stories have a lot in common, however both are still tremendously different. Some similarities regarding Catch-22 and Top Gun are the main themes in each of these stories. Although both…show more content…
In the case of Catch-22, Yossarian has many friends who die during the course of the novel , such as Nately, McWatt, Kraft, and Snowden. Each of these deaths make a profound impact on Yossarian and his opinions. He blames himself and the war for these deaths, and uses them to prove his point, that everyone is trying to kill him. In addition, when Yossarian hears that Orr is dead, it affects him tremendously. Although it is ultimately not true, it strikes a chord with Yossarian, because he has such a unique relationship with Orr and can not imagine him dead. In Top Gun, Goose, Maverick’s best friend, dies when their plane gets stuck in a jet wash and goes out of control. Maverick is very harsh on himself after his best friend's death, and gets very agitated the next time he is forced to fly. The death of Goose leaves Maverick with what seems to be post traumatic stress disorder, and therefore, on another occasion, when he gets caught in a jet wash, he disengages, and almost leaves a fellow fighter pilot in danger, although he ultimately regains control of his plane. The death of Maverick’s friend Goose has a profound impact on his later
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