Catch 22 Doc Daneeka Character Analysis

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In Catch-22, chapter 1-14, Doc Daneeka plays a very unique roles from the other bombardier. In the midst of all the insanity around him, Doc Daneeka can be seen as the most sane and logical character. While everyone else is forced into the task of completing their missions, Doc Daneeka gets to sit around and work as a doctor. This is evident of the authority his character holds, as well as the fact that he is the most self-centered character in the book so far. Doc Daneeka is persuasive and able to get his way a lot. Though forced into the draft, he was able to persuade his way out of flying missions. This attribute allowed him to continuing his field of medicine, formerly he was a surgeon, as well set him apart from the other draftees, the bombardier. This specialization difference allowed him to maintain his sanity, as well authority over the bombardier. All the mentioned bombers thus far in one way or another are all insane. Yossarian thinks everyone is trying to kill him, and sees/keeps a dead man in his tent. Hungry Joe has nightmares every night and continuously packs then unpacks his bags awaiting his trip…show more content…
He was originally draft to be a flight surgeon but selfishly denied the request by fabricating a claim that he was unfit for military service. This conclusion established after his self diagnostic, in which he discovered that he was a helplessly bedridden amputee with rheumatoid arthritis. In reality Doc Daneeka simply can’t stand flying and did that in an effort to get himself out of the war. In his head all he thinks about is “Why Me?” Throughout the book he continuously talked about how unfair it was that he had to leave his career plan to engage in the war. Even when confronted by one of his patient's’ ailment, he belittles their catastrophe and re shines the light on the fact that he left his work as a doctor to come to the war. No matter what always placing his problems above
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