Catch Me If You Can Play Analysis

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The play, “Catch Me If You Can (The Musical) ”, was performed at the Naples Players by a cast of twenty-two, an ensemble of twenty-five, an orchestra of fourteen, and a crew of eighty-six people. The fact that there was more crew than the cast, ensemble, and orchestra combined shows that there was a lot of behind the scenes work to put the show into production. The crew was responsible for the elements of set, lighting, sound and costume design. Meanwhile, the actors were responsible for the elements of direction, acting, and audience. All the elements were brought together in a proscenium theater to tell the story of how a young teenager managed to con his way into making over millions in checks while pretending to be a lawyer, a doctor, and a co-pilot. Instead of talking about the elements in the order listed above, I prefer to mention them in the order that I noticed them. The first element that caught my eye was the audience because I arrived early and the curtains were closed. Since, there was nothing else to see, I decided to scan the audience. Everyone was talking and settling in to their seats. However, once the lights dimmed, everyone went silent. The curtains raised, revealing a much larger than expected stage. The set design was beautiful. There was a large white platform with a set…show more content…
Overall, the performance was great and brought my attention to a lot of little details. I am surprised to say that I enjoyed the play much more than I did the movie. I have a new appreciation for the art of theater. The elements brought out in the play made all the emotions seem realistic and not just a performance. Seeing the lights dim, hearing a gloomy song, and watching the facial expression of an upset character makes the performance seem so much realer than watching a man on television talk about being sad. The cast and crew did an amazing job of not only telling a great story, but also making sure all the elements that went into the play worked together
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