Catch Them Being Good Analysis

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Mrs. Kern’s behavior techniques and strategies are all based upon “Catch them being good!” She believes that praise and connectivity are the ways of having few behavior problems. She also shares personal stories about herself and her family every day with her students. This is to help her build a safe and family-like classroom. She also is careful to listen to and learn from her students every day. She knows her students well, which allows her to create lessons based on their interests, recommend books based on their skills and prior knowledge and hobbies. She believes that children flourish with attention and praise and often rise up to the positive words you share with them. Mrs. Kern cautions that the very most challenging students are…show more content…
She has found that in return, they care about her. She thinks of the students as “hers.” Once they know she cares and truly believe there is a reason to succeed, it is hard for them to not try their best. This feeling of family or community leads to respect among classmates. This comes naturally as they watch her model respect to everyone around her. She has stated that the classroom is no place for sarcasm or rudeness. Also when a student needs to be redirecting it needs to be done carefully and with precise language, always maintaining respect. Respect needs to be modeled, taught, and given at all times in the classroom. Respect is key when using the gradual release model. The gradual release model is used in every topic in Mrs. Kern’s class and the students respect each other and the group to make it run smoothly and are always kind to those that may need more explicit instruction. Her class actually says, “I do”, “We do” and “You do” prior to the steps being worked on. This helps them to recognize that they are being helped, they are helping and they are doing what they have learned. It gives them a sense of pride and
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