Catcher In The Rye Catcher

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In "Catcher in the Rye" the idea of being a catcher is based upon Holden’s complete misreading of a line in the poem "Comin ' Thro ' the Rye," by Robert Burns, of which Holden hears a young boy singing. The young boy instead substitutes the line "When a body catch a body, comin ' thro ' the rye" for "When a body meet a body, comin ' thro ' the rye." Holden has a dream in which children play a game in a field of rye near a cliff, it being his role to protect the children by catching anyone who gets close to going over the edge. Symbolically a rescuer of children, a catcher is such a job he says would make him truly happy.
As Holden receives guidance, and direction from various characters throughout the novel, one may argue that multiple characters could fit Holden’s description of a catcher. However, like Holden, in their attempts (or lack thereof) at rescue, many characters fail to understand the true meaning of what is to be a catcher in the rye. That is, to rescue someone, you don’t just offer direction,
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By being there, holding his hand throughout his journey Leigh Anne effectively turns his life around and helps him achieve success. In a very Phoebe esc. way, Leigh Anne sees something in a misfortuned teenaged Michael that others in his life and society have failed to see. She sees potential where it is doubted, and she believes in him. Leigh Anne successfully serves as Michael’s catcher not by telling him to change, but by serving as an active proponent of change in his life. Not only is she then able to make a difference in Michael 's life but he makes one in hers. “You 're changin ' that boy 's life. No. He 's changin ' mine.” (The Blind
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