Catcher In The Rye And Igby Comparison

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In The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, the protagonist, Holden Caulfield is a rebellious boy similar to Igby in the movie Igby Goes down directed by Burr Steers. Both of these characters are very similar yet different in many ways. They both share the traits of phoniness and dysfunctionality while creating dishonest relationships by using sex to make them feel less alone. Applying oneself is to try to assimilate into society to become a functioning member. Though both characters are similar in many ways, I believe Holden will successfully become a functioning part of society and accept the reality.

There are many reasons why Holden will succeed more in life than Igby. A main reason being that Holden has family members to rely on to
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In the beginning of the chapter, Holden arrives at his former teacher’s house from Elkton Hills School, Mr. Ackley who cares deeply for Holden. Holden respects Mr. Ackley because he does not treat him like one of students like Mr. Spencer does. Mr. Ackley gives Holden advice on why he should apply himself into his studies. He sees something in Holden that is different than any other student he has taught and tries to tell Holden that his studies is just not a conformity but a way to develop his ideas. Mr. Ackley believes his constant fall is because he has given up from the world and wants to isolate himself from the environment he is in. The criticism Mr. Ackley gives Holden makes him realize his problems that he has caused himself such as alienating himself which made him lonely. When Holden falls asleep and Mr. Ackley kisses Holden on the forehead, Holden is quick to judge and accuses Mr. Ackley of being gay. He realizes that he has hurt Mr. Ackley’s feelings and begins to question actions of making quick judgements on people. He soon begins to change his ways and accept that people have feelings. Igby, on the other hand has no one who is willing to help him grow and change into a better person. His family member sees less of him and they think he is useless to the
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