Catcher In The Rye Annotated Bibliography Essay

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Annotated Bibliography Chase, Ronald. Schizophrenia. “A Brother Finds Answers in Biological Science.” Library Journal. 2013. In Chase’s article he demonstrates how his younger brother, Jim had to be psychoanalyzed in order to examine the reasons for his behaviors and his mental disorder. In the results Jim was suffering from schizophrenia which began in his adolescence and he spent his adult life in California institutions. Chase deplores the psychoanalytic approach to Jim's illness, insisting that the mind is "nothing but an aspect of the brain's physiological activity." Through Chase's narrative, Jim and his family's story comes alive, as though conversations were recorded and preserved for publication. The more technical chapters…show more content…
The Catcher in the Rye. Boston: Little Brown and Company. 1951. Salinger’s book exposes Holden Caulfield as a troubled adolescent who is going through a mental breakdown of depression, due to the lost of his brother, Allie. The tragic death of Allie has caused Holden to express low self esteem, self destructive behavior, and devious actions. Through Salinger’s use of dialogue, it helps express Holden’s behaviors and thoughts towards facing different situations that arise throughout the novel. Salinger also presents Holden in first person, which allows the reader to enter the fantasy world and suffering of which Holden is encountering. Salinger as the author, incorporates his own troubles into Holden's character, which connects the author and the protagonist. Salinger not only develops the story, but he also weaves in how Holden is different from most adolescents, especially through his behaviors. Yet, the novel includes how at an adolescent age, teens encounter much trouble and battles. Moreover, Salinger tries to show how if tragedies occur in your life, they can be very difficult to leave behind, but if you don’t move along, it can cause a mental disorder of depression and it further leads to an irreversible way of life, low self esteem, and self destructive
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