Catcher In The Rye Chapter 9-14 Analysis

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In Chapter 9-14 Holden Caulfield leaves Penecy Prep and heads to New York City. Where he will stay for a couple days before winter vacation starts and he will head home. Delaying breaking the news to his family he got kicked out of school for as long as possible. These chapters are where Holden’s loneliness becomes abundantly clear. The reader is subjected to many long rants by Holden about the company he wants, though he attempts to settle several times. Betraying the strict rules he appears to had made for himself on not interacting with ‘phonies’. This is the type of person he has made clear he hates and never will become. Chapter 9 starts with Holden arriving at Penn Station. Where he stays in a telephone booth for nearly twenty minutes trying to think of someone to call up. In the end he finds himself not having a single person he could or want to call in the late evening. Leaving the station in defeat he quickly hails a cab to a hotel where he will not run into anyone he knows. This is peculiar, his longing for companionship for the night over shadowed by his embarrassment to be kicked out of school. Running into someone who knows him would require answering too many questions he is just not ready for. …show more content…

Asking each cab driver he has for drinks, even offering to pay for them. This is the first indication of Holden’s willingness buying his friends. At Penecy Prep he does favours for his peers he has no indication of liking. Writing papers for them, letting people borrow his type writer and clothing. His is eager to do whatever it take to be liked by others. In the least to have people just want to be around him. Every cab driver turns him down this doesn’t diminish his determination to spend the night with

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