Catcher In The Rye Character Analysis

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Both protagonists from Shakespeare’s play King Lear, and J.D. Sallinger’s novel Catcher in the Rye are both portrayed as characters who suffer greatly from their own flaws. Both the author and playwright use these flaws to provoke emotion from both audiences and reader. Lear goes through a journey which starts with poor decision making due to his hubris. This leads to his downfall and he starts to walk away from the world, and wanders into the wildlife and loses his insanity. This is reflected by Holden when he also wants to walk away from the world in his willingness to go to New York. Both also share a loss of comfort from the start, with Holden not wanted to lose his child hood and King Lear losing the love of his daughters. Both discover things in their walking away from the world and both show the other side to their character. We feel empathy for them both at these moments. By exploring the texts in greater detail, we will be able to gain a deeper understanding of how both author and playwright present sympathy for the protagonists on their own journeys. Both characters, throughout both play and novel, show poor decision making from the start. In many instances this causes some of their own misfortunes. In the play King Lear, decides to split apart his kingdom. “Know that we have divided in three our kingdom” By the end of this thought provoking extract, the audience are bewildered as to why King Lear has decided to split up his kingdom like this. They now see him as

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