Catcher In The Rye Character Analysis Holden Caulfield

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Holden Caulfield: He is the main character and narrator of the novel who is a sixteen year old teenager.He has been expelled from his school which is called Pencey Prep.He meets the dissimulation and the ugliness and tries to escape from the disappointment and the pain of the world around him.He is really uncomfortable with his own weaknesses.In the first pages of the book,he stands in the spot of separation from childhood to adulthood.He fails out of four schools,he sees a psychoanalyst, he is hospitalized and he can't connect with other people.Theese are the signs that Holden is a narrator who has big problems and who is troubled.The reasons we know, why he is troubled are two big traumas in his past : Allie's death(his brother),and the…show more content…
Allie Caulfield: He is the younger brother of Holden who dies of a disease called leukemia.He dies 3 years before the start of the novel.Holden thinks he was the smartest kid.He was red-headed , friendly and also nice to people.Holden carries a baseball glove of Allie's.Allie used to write poemes in it. Phoebe Caulfield: Phoebe is the Holden's sister who is ten years old.She is carrying for him.They get on really well with each other.She listens to him and understands him more than anyone else does.Phoebe is not afraid of the future and the adult life like Holden.She has a mature personality for a ten year old. D.B Caulfield: He is the older brother of Holden.He writes short stories that Holden loves very much. Sally Hayes : Holden's pretty ex-girlfriend.They have dated for a long time. Carl Luce: He is 3 years older than Holden and was his school advisor at the Whooton School. Mr.Spencer: Holden's history teacher.We dont really know his personality. Mr.Antolini: The English teacher of Holden in Elkton Hills School.He is one of the personalities Holden has respect to.He opens his doors for Holden and knows Holden is different than others.Antolini drinks a lot and he is
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