Catcher In The Rye Character Analysis Of Holden

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ssay English 3A In the novel, The Catcher in the Rye, Holden starts to talk about his brother Allie. Allie was only two years younger than Holden. Holden would often admire Allie for his intelligence, kindness, and how he never got angry towards anything. He described Allie by talking about his bright red hair that you can see from miles away. He even admired how much Allie laughed. One time, Allie even fell off his chair due to the laughter he led out. Holden couldn’t ask for a better younger brother because Allie brought so my joy and brightness to the people in his life. Holden loved his brother so deeply. Allie unfortunately was diagnosed with leukemia. After fighting the stressful battle of cancer, Allie passes away. Holden

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